Artist Committee

The purpose of the Committee is to provide guidance and insight, and to act as a resource to the PF/PCA Board of Directors, helping to ensure the organization continues to honor its mission and remains committed to the artist community. 

Staff contact for Artist Committee: Kelly Stokes

Artist Committee: Key Responsibilities
  • The Artist Committee shall select prospective members of the Board by presenting their recommendations to the Vice President who will forward them to the Nominating Committee of the Board
  • The Artist Committee shall provide important feedback on the effectiveness, direction, and viability of the programming and services offered by PF/PCA, and create a mechanism to amplify feedback from Member Artists and other key stakeholder artists. (e.g. “town hall” style meetings)
  • When needed, the Artist Committee will participate with Staff and/or Board members to help inform the strategic vision of the organization.
  • According to the direction of Staff and Board, the Artist Committee will work to integrate PF/PCA into the larger arts community in Pittsburgh and the region by becoming involved in events and happenings, and by helping us reach people who will benefit from our classes, exhibits, and artist services. (e.g. social media campaigns, etc)
  • The PF/PCA Board Vice President will report back to the Board of Directors regularly with recommendations, feedback, and any requests generated by the AC

Artist Committee Meeting Minutes

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May 21, 2016
Artist Committee Meeting
PCA School (2D studio)1pm
Meeting begins at 1:05pm

In attendance: Karen Antonelli, Kelly Bogel, Ginnie Farnsworth, Steven Haines, Patricia Kelly, Paula Garrick Klein, Christine Lorenz, Josh Murphy, Bernie Pintar, Emmett Smith, Sandy Smith.

The meeting opens with a general discussion of the Artist Committee’s role to nominate three people to the Nominating Committee for the Board of Directors of PF/PCA and a broader governance discussion.

Those in attendance discuss the newly passed Bylaws. Patricia Kelly moves to post the Bylaws of the organization on the website. Ginnie Farnsworth seconds, all in favor.

Josh Murphy reviews the first Artist Committee meeting, in which the group in attendance voted themselves to be the Interim Artist Committee, with the stipulation that people can be added or leave the Committee as needed. The Interim Artist Committee includes: Karen Antonelli, Shayontani Banerjee, Kelly Bogel (Staff), Josh Jenko, Paula Garrick Klein, Meg Koleck, Dave Merritt, Josh Murphy (Board), Ross Nugent, Jake Reinhart, and Emmett Smith.

The Artist Committee should be diverse in race, ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic background, artistic medium/discipline, and should include those from outside the immediate PF/PCA community in order to avoid an insular perspective. One purpose of these repetitive, open Committee meetings leading up to the June 6th meeting is to broaden the perspective and members of the Committee.

Those in attendance discuss the process for choosing the three nominations to the Board of Directors, in which the Committee will comprise a list for review at the June 6th meeting, when it will be narrowed to three nominees. A discussion of the needs for the Board of Directors ensues, and concludes with the consensus that the nominations from the Artist Committee will keep the interests of artists in mind specifically and primarily, and allow the Nominating Committee to address other needs of the Board of Directors. One of the main priorities of the Artist Committee is to make sure that PF/PCA remains committed to providing services to artists.

A draft document created by the Nominating Committee, PF/PCA Responsibilities of Board Members, is handed out and discussed. The group takes issue with a few items on this document, which will be discussed at an upcoming Board meeting.

A broader discussion of recent occurrences at Pittsburgh Filmmakers ensues. Several in attendance make note that the Board of Directors must be accountable to their fiduciary responsibility to the organization, committed to a check and balance system to ensure that the Executive Director is leading appropriately, and maintain the organization’s accordance with the Mission Statement.

Josh Murphy and Karen Antonelli lead a discussion of the need for a spokesperson from the organization that can speak to the community and the public to maintain a positive narrative about the organization.

Emmett Smith leads a discussion of proposed resolutions for the Artist Committee to consider, leading to a broader discussion of the organization’s Mission and purpose within the community. A few key questions are presented:

Explain why the Mission is important in today’s culture?
Why do we really exist?
What criteria does the Board use to judge the success of PF/PCA?
How does their specific presence on the Board aid in the progress of the organization?

Priorities of the Artist Committee are discussed, including nominations to the Nominating Committee for the Board of Directors and keeping the organization committed to artists. The recently deferred Flight School Fellowship program is discussed.

A list of possible nominees for the Artist Committee to consider for nominating to the Nominating Committee is noted. A few other names are discussed as candidates for the Artist Committee itself.

Patricia Kelly moves to adjourn the meeting at 3:12pm. Emmett Smith seconds, all in favor.
June 1, 2016
Artist Committee Meeting (Info Session 2)
June 1, 2016
PF Room 102/104, 7pm

Meeting begins at 7:00pm

In attendance: Will Acer, Brian Brown, Erika Brusselars, Tim Burak, Brian Cohen, Wayne Desbrow, Rick Duncan, Paula Garrick Klein, Steven Haines, John Jenko, Meg Koleck, David Merritt, Joshua Murphy, Rise Nagin, Jennifer Nagle Myers, Bernie Pintar, Jake Reinhart, Sandy Smith, and Carolyn Speranza.

1. Discussion of History of the process and progress so far.
a. Purpose of the Committee
b. Major Goals
-Nominating 3 people to the Board
-Determining Committee Structure
-"Selling" PF/PCA to the community

2. Tim Burak suggests Membership Surveys to get an understanding of what the artists want.

3. Discussion about the makeup of the Artist Committee

4. Tim Burak suggests PF/PCA needs a comprehensive database of services and client record management.

5. Question: How many names should AC give to nominating committee? Some suggest many more than three. Josh Murphy suggests we should really pick the three we want most, and keep others in reserve if other spots need to be filled or if a name gets rejected.

6. Rise Nagin says PCA doesn't have as robust an Access model af PF, and that means it has different needs.

7. Discussion of the role of Guilds (and their representation on the Committee)
a. Some believe guilds just want to use PCA space for shows.
b. Others point out that Guilds, especially Fiber Arts, are doing a LOT of positive work in community, and drawing attention to PF/PCA.

8. Jake Reinhart comments that it is essential that at least one Board nominee comes from the milieu of the Artist Committee, and has proven they are willing to roll up their sleeves by attending these meetings.

9. Carolyn Speranza comments that meetings should have agendas. Josh Murphy concurs, and states that this was an info session, but future meetings should and would have agendas.

10. Other thoughts: while we need all the basic skills of critical thinking and stewardship, plus duty, loyalty, etc, we also need people who understand that artists sacrifice for art, and that passing on a high-paying or high-profile job to have the time and access to make art is not a valid, even admirable life choice.

Meeting concludes at 9:05pm
June 6, 2016
Artist Committee Meeting
June 6, 2016
PF Room 104, 7pm

Meeting begins at 7:00pm.

In attendance: Karen Antonelli, Kelly Bogel, Wayne Desbrow, Rick Duncan, John Jenko, Meg Koleck, David Merritt, Josh Murphy, Rise Nagin, Bernie Pintar, Jake Reinhart, Emmett Smith, and Sandy Smith.

1. Those in attendance use a weighted ranking matrix to choose three candidates for nomination to the Nominating Committee for the Board of Directors.

2. Weighted ranking qualities include: willingness to be actively involved and interested in the organization; fresh perspectives; artistic vision and achievement; leadership and stewardship; and diversity (age, race, gender, socioeconomic background, etc).

3. Three candidates are agreed upon unanimously as prospective members of the Board for nomination by the Nominating Committee.

4. Two back-up candidates are also agreed upon unanimously in the event that any of the three main candidates cannot be available for service on the Board of Directors.

Meeting adjourns at 9:00pm.
July 25, 2016
Artist Committee Meeting
July 25, 2016
PF Room 102, 7pm
Meeting begins at 7:00pm

In attendance: Kelly Bogel, Brian Brown, Steven Haines, John Jenko, Patricia Kelly, Paula Garrick Klein, David Merritt, Josh Murphy, Rise Nagin, and Bernie Pintar.

1. Discussion and review of the last meeting in which the Artist Committee selected three candidates for the Nominating Committee for nomination to the Board of Directors. The target to expand the Board of Directors is about one month.

2. Discussion of stability of the organization.

3. Discussion of volunteers. The Artist Committee may be very helpful at getting people involved with volunteering at PF/PCA.

4. Discussion of the Structure of the Artist Committee.

Members of the Committee (minimum of nine members, as per Bylaws)
-Artist Services staff person
-Vice President of the Board of Directors
-At least two people from outside the PF/PCA ecosystem
-One - three guild members from the affiliated guilds of PF/PCA
-Student(s) of PF and PCA Teaching artists or adjunct faculty members of PF/PCA
-Artist/Access Members of PF/PCA

Positions on the Committee
-Others TBD, as needed

-Town-hall or Constituent Engagement Committee
-Volunteer Committee
-Nomination/Selection Committee (to select the positions and gather nominations for the Nominating Committee for the Board of Directors
-Communication Committee

Committee Terms
-Three-year terms for Artist Committee Members
-One-year terms for main positions/chairs of the Committee

Meeting adjourns at 8:30pm
August 9, 2016
Artist Committee Meeting
August 9, 2016
PF Room 104
Meeting begins at 7:30pm.

In attendance: Karen Antonelli, Rick Duncan, Steven Haines, John Jenko, Patricia Kelly, Paula Garrick Klein, David Merritt, Josh Murphy, Rise Nagin, Bernie Pintar, and Kelly Stokes.

1. Review of last meeting

2. Positions on the Committee
-Consideration of the Artist Services staff person and Vice President of the Board be voting members of the Committee.
-VP of Board should not hold any positions on the Committee due to his/her responsibilities with the Board and a possible conflict of interest.
-Artist Services staff can be, but is not assumed to be the Secretary of the Committee.

3. Members on the Committee
-There is a need for more people from outside of the PF/PCA ecosystem to be members of the Committee. New perspectives are critical to the work of the Committee and supporting the organization in the best way possible.

4. Purpose of the Committee
-A skeleton charter draft is needed for the next meeting so that the group has objective topics to consider and from which to create a structure. David Merritt volunteers to begin creating this document. The Committee has a general purpose, which has developed through the meetings, but it needs to be organized and written down in a coherent format. -Communication Sub-Committee: to advocate and speak the voice of the organization out into the community to let people know what PF/PCA has to offer and what we do, etc.

5. Agenda for next meeting
-Edit David’s skeleton charter draft.
-Brainstorming objectives for the Committee to formulate the structure.

Meeting adjourns at 8:38pm.
August 22, 2016
Artist Committee Meeting
August 22, 2016
PF Room 104
Meeting begins at 7:12pm

In attendance: Karen Antonelli, Shani Banerjee, Wayne Desbrow, Stephen Haines, John Jenko, Paula Garrick Klein, Meg Koleck, David Merritt, Rise Nagin, Bernie Pintar, and Kelly Stokes.

David reviewed his draft for a charter outline, and introduced Rise's/Paula's Key Roles and Objectives document.

- David indicated that items 1, 3 and 4 from Rise and Paula will similar to item’s 1, 3 and 6 in the Purpose/Roles section of his draft, and that some of the bullets may provide further detail to the draft.

- Karen raised the question of meeting quorums, indicating that they may represent too high of a standard and should only be necessary for voting. The topic was tabled.

- There was a discussion of term length. Having three year terms would allow them to be staggered so there is history and overlap of ideas, but also the way we market the idea of terms should be in a way that does not deter young people with fresh perspectives from joining the Committee. Three years sounds very long to many artists especially if it was positioned as a commitment. The tentative consensus was to consider a three-year term (staggered) without a specific statement of commitment for the term, and with a one term limit.

- The discussion of commitment was focused on participation in the Artists Committee. This lead to a discussion of minimum required attendance, and that attendance could be a factor in removal from the Artists Committee.

- There was consensus that participation in meetings electronically should be something we include in charter of the AC. Generally, Committee members should be expected to attend meetings, unless they have extenuating circumstances in which they cannot attend (illness, family emergency, etc.) The kind of people we want on the Committee will want to be at the meetings.

- There was general consensus on 5 meetings plus 1 mandatory annual meeting (for nominations to the Board Nominating Committee).

- Discussion of sub-committees without terms at all, so that we can have those young voices be a part of the process without making them feel tied down or committed on a long-term basis. The tentative consensus was that subcommittees be chaired by an AC member, but could also consist of others. This would also provide a ladder system toward AC membership.

- There was discussion on whether Board Members other than the Vice President could be members of the AC. The topic was tabled.

- David agreed to make changes to the draft charter and provide to Kelly for posting in Google Docs

Karen indicated that she was scheduled to meet with the Executive Director search committee to provide her input. She solicited input and discussion from the group.

Meeting adjourns at 8:50pm.
September 6, 2016
Artist Committee Meeting
September 6, 2016
PF Room 104,
Meeting begins at 7:10pm.

In attendance: Wayne Desbrow, John Jenko, Paula Garrick Klein, David Merritt, Josh Murphy, Rise Nagin, Bernie Pintar, Carolyn Speranza, and Kelly Stokes.

1. Updates from the Board via Josh Murphy.
- ED Search launched.
- Finance updates - on track for summer and beginning of fall.
- Artist Committee looked upon by the Board as an outreach group to market the organization to the community at large.
- Intensives: Photo Intensive suspended for this term due to low enrollment, but Film Intensive running with very solid enrollment number.
- Programmatic Analysis: Josh checking on whether this will this be released to Artist Committee.

2. Review of comments and edits made to charter since last meeting.
- Charter to include Paula and Rise’s purpose document. - Discussion of language used for purpose of the Artist Committee, including the words betterment and ecosystem.
- Discussion of term limits.
- Discussion of the number of members associated with different areas of organization, including guilds, students, members, and those associated with different PF/PCA campuses.
- Discussion of the selection process for members of the Artist Committee.
• Referral from anyone.
• Nominating Subcommittee of AC approves referral.
• Nominating Subcommittee puts the nominee forward for a full vote from the AC.
- Three year terms discussed, to be revisited.
- Discussion of how a member could be asked to step down from Committee if needed.
- Discussion of subcommittees.

3. AC to figure out subcommittees as it progresses. AC functions under the auspices of the Board and the staff of the organization, who will decide key talking points for the AC to discuss and disseminate to the community at large.

Meeting adjourns at 8:45pm.
September 19, 2016
Artist Committee Meeting
September 19, 2016
PF Room 108
Meeting begins at 7:05pm.

In attendance: Karen Antonelli, Wayne Desbrow, Ginnie Farnsworth, Steven Haines, John Jenko, Patricia Kelly, Paula Garrick Klein, Duncan MacDiarmid, David Merritt, Josh Murphy, Rise Nagin, Bernie Pintar, and Kelly Stokes.

1. News and updates.
-From Kelly Stokes: Pittsburgh Filmmakers Faculty Show is open in the Melwood galleries, Day of Giving is coming up on Sept. 21, Artist of the Year and Emerging Artist of the Year are open at PCA Marshall Galleries, and another filmMAKERS Friday is being planned for late October.
-From Josh Murphy: the PF/PCA Executive Director/ Chief Executive Officer position is public and open on Nonprofit Talent. There is a general discussion of the process of hiring the ED/CEO, and questions about marketing staff being hired at the organization. Josh states that the ED/CEO position takes priority at this time and marketing staff is being considered and will be addressed after the ED/CEO position is filled. Karen Antonelli and several other people, including those from staff and individuals from outside the organization met with Nonprofit Talent to gain perspectives and information on the organization for conducting the search for a new ED/CEO.

2. Another nomination from the Artist Committee has been put forth to the Nominating Committee for the Board of Directors. Josh suggests that the AC begins to think of other nominations in case we need another back-up.

3. Charter Revisions.
a. Discussion of the transition from the Interim Artist Committee to the Permanent Artist Committee
b. A question comes up from Pat Kelly regarding studio issues at the PCA. Her inquires are directed to Kelly Stokes, Artist Services and Membership manager.
c. A discussion of how the Artist Committee will amplify feedback and represent the artist community.
d. Specific language within the charter document is edited and updated, including:
-- Add language AC is a resource to the Board to the Purpose, Section III.
-- Strike language regarding strategic visioning to Key Responsibilities, Section IV.
-- Discussion of Lack of Service, Section V.E.
-- Replace “co-chair” with “vice-chair” throughout charter.
-- Discussion of term limits for AC members and chair positions
-- Add language for changing and amending the charter to section IX.

4. New Business: collect Board bios.

5. Next tasks: identifying population of permanent Artist Committee.

Meeting adjourns at 8:48pm.
October 4, 2016
Artist Committee Meeting
October 4, 2016
PF Room 108
Meeting begins at 7:05pm.

In attendance: Wayne Desbrow, John Jenko, Patricia Kelly, Duncan MacDiarmid, David Merritt, Josh Murphy, Rise Nagin, Bernie Pintar, and Kelly Stokes.

1. News and updates
- Josh Murphy: CEO Search for PF/PCA is active with NonProfit Talent.
- Kelly Stokes: Day of Giving results for September DOG 2016 - we raised over $16,700 in total.
- Kelly Stokes: filmMAKERS friday updates for October 21 event.

2. Review of Charter
- Review of specific language and final updates to the charter.
- Duncan MacDiarmid brings up question of advocacy between Artist Committee and Board rather than the VP of Board only reporting what is going with AC to the Board. Should there be some stronger language or understood purpose of advocacy from the AC to the Board through the VP of the Board?
- Artist Committee requests to see Board meeting minutes.

3. Vote to Ratify Charter
- Dave Merritt makes a motion to ratify the charter. John Jenko seconds. All in favor. Charter Ratified.

4. Board and AC Nominations
- Latest AC nominee to the Board is still under consideration at Board level.
- A few other nominations are suggested as back-up candidates.
- Nominations for the AC are discussed.
- Discussion of who is interested in serving on nomination subcommittee of the AC.

5. Review of Action Items
- Josh Murphy to request Board meeting minutes for Artist Committee.
- Josh Murphy to ask Board for action items for the AC.
- Kelly Stokes to update AC structure on the website to match the new ratified charter.
- Kelly Stokes to create an email listserve for the AC.
- Call for permanent AC members to be announced.

Rise Nagin moves to adjourn the meeting. Dave Merritt seconds. All in favor.
Meeting adjourned at 8:06pm.
October 17, 2016
Artist Committee Meeting
October 17, 2016
PF Room 108
Meeting begins at 7:00pm.

In attendance: Karen Antonelli, Wayne Desbrow, Steven Haines, John Jenko, Patricia Kelly, David Merritt, Josh Murphy, Rise Nagin, Bernie Pintar, and Kelly Stokes.

1. Board Update
- Josh Murphy put in request to the Board for AC directives and action items at Oct. Board meeting to be thought about and then discussed at Nov. Board meeting.
- PF/PCA audit draft reviewed by Board; everything looked good.
- Board bios are coming soon to be shared with AC.

2. AC Nominating Subcommittee
- Last candidate to the Board from the AC did not get approval because of conflict of interest between candidate’s own organization and requirement to commit to fundraising for PF/PCA.
- AC Nominating Subcommittee must come up with one more candidate to give to the Board Nominating Committee to be in line with Bylaws.
- Rise Nagin raises a concern with suggesting another candidate without the new ED in place at PF/PCA, which opens a discussion that the new candidate should be committed to the mission of the organization rather than the ED of the organization, as the Board leads the ED and the organization.
- John Jenko suggests that the AC candidate for the Board should not be shy, but rather he/she should be able to express opinions and concerns.
- AC to send all nominations to Josh Murphy with bio to be discussed at next AC meeting on Nov. 1.

3. AC Group Communication & Permanent AC
- Discussion of methods for communication among AC members.
- Kelly Stokes put email in place for AC to communicate easily, to be shown to the group at next meeting.
- Josh Murphy to ask all prior interim AC members if they want to be a part of the permanent committee.
- AC Nominating Subcommittee (Carolyn Speranza, Pat Kelly, Rise Nagin, Karen Antonelli, Josh Murphy) to set up time to meet separately to discuss nominees for AC and for Board candidates.

4. New Business
- Rise Nagin starts discussion: What do we want this organization to be? AC should be thinking about the dream of what the organization could be and give it to the Board.
- Discussion of AC meeting the new ED/CEO.
- Discussion of ED/CEO application process: applications are coming in; Board will be meeting with candidates for interviews in November.
- Discussion of Silver Eye Center for Photography: collaborations. The Silver Eye Fellowship 17 exhibition will be held at the Pittsburgh Filmmakers Melwood Gallery, opening in February 2017, during Silver Eye’s transition to the Bloomfield/Garfield neighborhood from South Side. This opens up an opportunity for PF/PCA to collaborate with Silver Eye.
Discussion of PF/PCA access/collaborations/exhibitions.

5. Directed Topics to Consider at Upcoming Meetings
- Discussion of mission/vitality of programming: how we can best meet our mission.
- AC should be bellwether and give feedback of what’s happening at the ground level.
- What makes education programs successful?
- How do we build exhibitions to be a world-class exhibition space and create a vibrant community of artists?
- How do we maintain a viable/active community?
- How do we serve emerging to mid-career artists (specifically mid-career artists)?
- How do we create maker spaces?

6. Action Items
- Josh Murphy to ask interim AC members to confirm their sustained interest in AC.
- Kelly Stokes to update/adjust AC email.
- Kelly Stokes to bring Board bios to next AC meeting.

Rise Nagin moves to adjourn the meeting. John Jenko seconds. All in favor.
Meeting adjourned at 8:27pm.
November 14, 2016
Artist Committee Meeting
November 14, 2016
PF Room 108
Meeting begins at 7:01pm.

In attendance: Wayne Desbrow, Steven Haines, John Jenko, Patricia Kelly, David Merritt, Josh Murphy, Rise Nagin, Bernie Pintar, and Kelly Stokes.

1. Updates
- Three Rivers Film Festival opens this week.
- New CEO is expected to be hired January 2017. The process is in full swing.
- Concerns among AC members about the Three Rivers Film Festival
a. The posters and ads, including WESA ads and the Pittsburgh Today Live clip on KDKA, do not mention PF/PCA at all.
b. Curation of film festival seems to be poor, with many “safe films” being chosen, unlike previous years.
c. Film Pittsburgh plans to sell their t-shirts at the festival.
d. Many changes with the volunteer help as well as ticket sales.
e. Major concerns that the Festival will take a marketing hit on PF/PCA because PF/PCA is not represented well or at all on the programming and ads. PF/PCA also has no trailers in the Festival for Education programming, as was practiced in past years.
f. Many AC members do not see this as a collaboration or partnership between JFilm/Film Pittsburgh and PF/PCA, but rather see it as Film Pittsburgh taking over the Festival.
g. Josh asks all members to email concerns to him so that he can bring it up at the Board meeting.
- Winter/Spring Catalogs for PF/PCA classes are out and they look good. AC members are pleased that they were mailed out.
- New Collective opens Friday, Nov. 18 at PCA. It’s juried by Rick Landesberg and Alexandra Oliver; there are 50 or so pieces in the show, with work from all seven of the affiliated guilds.

2. Proposed Committee members for AC and the Board.
- Several AC members asked potential candidates if they would be interested, and many of those people who were asked had hesitations due to the fact that there is going to be a major transition with the new CEO being hired very soon.

3. Next meeting scheduled for Dec. 19th.
- Nominations for Board candidates.
- Nominations for AC member candidates.
- Nominations for secretary and chair of AC.

4. Action Items.
- Send 3RFF feedback to Josh.
- Informal recruiting for AC members and Board members.
- Personal vision statements for PF/PCA.
- Next meeting to be informal meet/greet with potential candidates.

5. Other business
Personnel changes at PF/PCA: Studio Arts Directors resigned.
Board roll-offs discussed, to be reviewed at next meeting.
Spirit as potential fundraising venue.

Meeting adjourns at 8:32pm.
December 19, 2016
Artist Committee Meeting
December 19, 2016
PF Room 108

Meeting begins at 6:59pm.

In attendance: Karen Antonelli, Wayne Desbrow, Steven Haines, John Jenko, Laura Jean Kahl, Patricia Kelly, David Merritt, Josh Murphy, Rise Nagin, Bernie Pintar, and Kelly Stokes.

1. Board Updates: Josh Murphy
-CEO has been hired. Josh explains the interviews and selection process; there was a full consensus from the Board on the new CEO.
-Three Rivers Film Festival: feedback from the AC was given to the Board and was much appreciated. Many Board members had the same concerns that were raised by the Artist Committee. There will be future considerations for making the Festival ours again. Several AC members bring up that 3RFF was a great film festival in the past, and we need to take ownership again. A few questions come up on the name of the festival, which LJ Kahl explains it was taken out of Three Rivers Arts Festival. Some AC members ask if we have a trademark on the name, which is unknown.

2. PF/PCA Updates: Kelly Stokes/LJ Kahl
-Annual Appeal Campaign is out for year-end donations for PF/PCA.
-Artist Services is offering a Flextight Workshop on January 14th, with a member discount. Information is online, here:
-LJ Kahl updates AC on filmMAKERS friday and some ideas that staff have been discussing to continue the series of maker events. AC offers some ideas, LJ asks the committee to be a source for ideas and volunteers for these events.
-LJ Kahl responds to AC conversation regarding 3RFF, stating that Kathryn Spitz Cohen, director of Film Pittsburgh is willing to meet with the board and staff of PF/PCA to discuss the festival.
-Fences is opening at the Regent Square Theater on Dec. 26, to play through the holidays. Support PF/PCA and see the film here instead of at the multiplex!

3. AC Business: Karen Antonelli
-The AC should nominate the last candidate for the Board of Directors.
-The AC should begin taking action by hosting informal or themed get-togethers with different constituencies of artists, including Flight School Fellows, Babyland co-operative, and Radiant Hall Studios.
-Karen brings up Artist Committee positions. The Committee is now in a place to have a chair, vice-chair, and secretary.
-Karen nominates herself for Chair of Artist Committee and gives some background on her experience as a chair at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Rise Nagin seconds Karen’s self-nomination. Pat Kelly nominates David Merritt as Chair. David defers. All AC members in favor. Karen is now Chair of Committee.
-Karen puts forth the idea of letting others chair some of the meetings as a chance for other voices to be heard. A discussion ensues; Rise suggests that the Chair makes the agenda and that others can be given certain topics they are more familiar with, but the Chair should be leading all meetings.
-Pat Kelly nominates David Merritt as Vice Chair, Wayne Desbrow seconds, all in favor. David Merritt is the Vice Chair.
-Rise Nagin nominates herself for Secretary, Pat Kelly seconds, all in favor. Rise Nagin is Secretary.
-Josh Murphy reiterates Karen’s suggestion for connecting with other groups of artists for feedback sessions, creating meet and greets to garner interest in the Artist Committee. Karen suggests that we begin with Flight School Fellows. Karen to follow up with Kelly Stokes after the meeting.
-Board Nominees to be discussed at the next meeting, scheduled for Monday, January 9th at 7pm. Send all nominees for the Board to Josh.

4. Other Business
-Personal vision statements for PF/PCA: send to Rise. These should be focused on what PF/PCA could be as a method for expounding specific topics of discussion.
-Rise Nagin brings up a concern with Laura Domencic being demoted to a manager of galleries from her previous position of Director of the PCA. She states that it feels like things are being dismantled and that no one is here any longer to inform of the context and history of PCA. Karen Antonelli offers that Pete is here in the interim and a number of people have been let go; it feels like a hollowing out. Josh Murphy states he was unaware of the change with Laura Domencic, but is confident that without Pete as a leader, PF/PCA may not still be here today. The Board was updated on all key staff decisions before or after they took place, and that business practices were followed on all decisions.

Meeting adjourns at 8:48pm.
January 9, 2017
Artist Committee Meeting
January 9, 2017

In Attendance:
Josh Murphy, V.P. PF/PCA Board
Kelly Bogel Stokes, PF/PCA Staff
Karen Antonelli, Artist Committee Chair
David Merritt, Artist Committee Vice-chair
Risë Nagin, Artist Committee Secretary
Wayne Desbrow, John Jenko, Pat Kelly, Bernie Pintar

Meeting begins 7:01 p.m.
Approval of December 19, 2016 minutes.

Report PF/PCA Board of Directors: (Josh Murphy) – Official announcement of new Director, Germaine Williams, leaked to Pittsburgh Post Gazette early.

Report PF/PCA Staff: (Kelly Stokes) –
• New PF/PCA Director, Germaine Williams will begin work on January 23, 2017. He will maintain offices at both campuses.
• Oversight of Three Rivers Fllm Festival Facebook page has been restored to PF/PCA management.
• Director, Germaine Williams will be the new liason between Film Pittsburgh and PF/PCA and will develop future working relationship for collaborative efforts involving Three Rivers Fllm Festival.

Current Business:
Election of Candidates for Nomination to PF/PCA Board of Directors
(Josh Murphy and Karen Antonelli)

AC(Artist Committee) is charged with submitting candidates for the PF/PCA Board of Directors to the Board Nominating Committee for vetting prior to invitation. PF/PCA Bylaws require a third nomination to the Board from the Artist Committee. AC will vote on candidates to fill this position.

Discussion of the following procedures:
• AC will get a directive from PF/PCA Board regarding procedures for approaching prospective board nominees regarding availability to serve.
• Should potential candidates to the board be invited to visit AC meeting prior to nomination?

Artist Committee is charged with identifying candidates with strong artistic background who will forge connections between Pittsburgh based artists and PF/PCA. The goal is to identify Board members who will reinforce the artistic mission of PF/PCA. Following criteria were considered in making selections: o Familiarity with and commitment to PF/PCA programs and mission
• Artistic Vision and Achievement
• Leadership and Stewardship
• Fresh perspectives regarding wider Arts Community (regional and beyond)
• Diversity (age, race, gender identity, etc.)

AC elected to send two candidates to the Board Nominating Committee to fill remaining fiscal 2016 opening. They will be put forth in selected order, two having been elected if a back-up is needed.

One additional Board position will be open in 2017. AC will submit new candidates to the PF/PCA Board Nominating Committee in April, 2017.

New Business:
Organizational Outreach and Events: (Karen Antonelli)
AC will undertake a new outreach initiative to bring artists in and beyond PF/PCA together. The goal is to raise awareness of PF/PCA among artists groups in the city, to expand networks and build community; and to develop opportunities for collaboration. AC members will participate in developing formats for these events with the idea of exchange and understanding of how PF/PCA can attract new constituents. It was suggested that the first event be organized with artist members of Babyland and Prototype located in the Bloomcraft Building on Baum Blvd. The next meeting (1-26-2017) will focus on developing a format for the first outreach event.

Discussion of Selection of New AC Members: (David Merritt)
The AC has openings for additional members. At present the committee consists of nine (9) members and can accommodate 6 more. Terms are 1- 3 years. There are currently 4 nominations for new members. David Merritt will send information on procedures for election to current members for review and the first election of new members will take place in March 2017.

AC invites artists interested participating to attend the next open meeting on January 26, 2017. Please contact Karen Antonelli at

Next meeting will be held on Thursday, January 26, 2017. Location and room to be announced.

Meeting adjourned at 9:01 p.m.
January 26, 2017
Artist Committee Meeting
January 26, 2017

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February 9, 2017
Artist Committee Meeting
February 9, 2017

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