Program Coordinator
John Ivory:

John Ivory is a Bronx-born artist, extremely autodidactic in his pursuit of education.

John Ivory produces work that explores the dichotomy of the human condition–the masks we wear. His mediums range from video, sound design, site specific audio and video installations; to mix media canvases; faces and emotions sealed in resin; lips, eyes, fangs; children, adults, kings, gods; deep colors set free on unframed canvas and recycled wood.

John Ivory is currently the program coordinator of the Flight School Fellowship.

John Ivory is currently living and working in Pittsburgh, PA.

Artist Services & Development Manager
Kelly Stokes:

Kelly Bogel Stokes is an independent fine art photographer who is interested in the transformation of reality within the photographic image and the stories that can be captured during this process. She looks for narratives in both natural landscapes and urban landscapes, often photographing at night to make an image that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Kelly has always been intrigued with Pittsburgh architecture and the heritage of the rust belt. She also loves hiking, nature, permaculture design, and photographing all of these things.

Flight School Fellowship

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